Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who WANTS sleep??

So last night I studied a bit and then read a few chapters on The Eat Clean diets Recharged book. I then had a delicious snack which was an apple with cinnamon and peanut butter. Then around 12 I attempted going to sleep. This wasn't successful until 3:30!! Ugh! I was sooo mad! I purposely didn't sleep all day Monday so I could go to sleep at a normal time. Oh well. When the 8:30 alarm went off that just was not gonna happen so I decided to sleep in for a couple more hours. 10:30 came way too soon! I got to the gym by 11 and did 4 miles on the eliptical. Went home and had my leftover frozen protein shake (I took it out of the freezer before I left for the gym). Here it is:

I added 1/4 cup of oats into it and it was awesome! Next up I showered and got ready for an appointment that I had at 2. Before I left I made Eat Clean Egg Salad and had that on some multigrain bread. Mmmm mmm good!

Chowed that down in about 5 minutes and flew out the door! Didn't wanna be late!

After the appoinment I went to the grocery store just to pick up some spinach. On the way through the store I found these cute huge mugs:

I don't like small ones its just not enough tea (or coffee) for me! When I got home I had some chai green tea in this new buy! I studied a bit before making dinner. My final is tomorrow but I feel like I'll be pretty prepared for it. Dinner was multigrain spaghetti, turkey meatballs, vegetarian bolognese (PC Blue Menu brand the best spaghetti sauce ever!), a homemade bun and a spinach salad loaded with veggies (radish, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots).

It was so filling I couldn't even finish my salad : (!! Oh I forgot I topped the salad with balsamic vinegar , olive oil and a bit of lemon juice. After dinner I did some more studying along with another cup of tea. I also watched the Flyers game which they won 3-2 against the Islanders! Yay! While studying I went on an eating binge as you can see:

I made the tzaitki sauce finally. I really should read recipes before deciding to make them. I had to strain the yogurt to make the yogurt cheese overnight (which actually worked) and then when I went to actually make it at 4 today I realized I had to cut up the cucumber mix it with the salt and let that strain for at least 6 hours! This tzaitki just really did not want me to make it! Finally at 10 everything was ready so I added the rest of the ingredients. I blended everything cause I didn't want chunks of cucumber or garlic. This recipe called for cilantro and I thought it tasted way to cilantro-y! I then read that this is the way Tosca prefers hers but traditional ones use mint or dill. If I ever have enough energy to make this again I'll use mint! I had this with Stacy's Pita Chips. Next up on the late night list really really hit my sweet tooth! I cut up strawberries and bananas and then mixed organic dark chocolate with peanut butter. Microwaved that and drizzled it on the fruit. Added a couple chocolate chips and voila!! Perfect chocolate peanut buttery goodness!! Now maybe I'll be able to study more?? Probably not sleep cause I'm on a sugar high! Anyways goodnight and wish me luck on my final!!

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  1. i love making tzatziki at home, sorry it was such a hassle for ya! mm strawberries, nanner, and organic chocolate AND pb? you are my hero! and you're a nurse? that is so cool! i am hoping to becmoe a nurse practitioner after i'm done with my undergrad :) good luck on your final, you'll knock em dead!