Friday, March 26, 2010


Hey guys! I've been pretty busy the last couple days with work so just thought I'd check in! First of all I have to share the snack I had last night:
1/2 cup plain yogurt blended with 1 cup field berries. Froze for a couple hours and then added a bit of chia seeds and some blueberries! Mmmmmm best frozen yogurt ever!!!

Never buying yogen fruz again!! This was awesome and I think it was frozen for just the right amount of time because it wasn't too hard yet! I didn't get to the gym the last couple days. I was going to go last night but just as I was leaving work something happened and I had to stay for another hour or so. I just decided to go home after that. But I hit the gym this morning! I went on the tready for 35 minutes and then came home to do my arms, abs and legs exercises. I like to do this in the studio at the gym but it was all filled with some class. I also snuck in a tan this morning before the gym. I still have some minutes left over from my Cancun trip so I figured I should use them up.

I picked up a coffee on the way home and then made lunch.

1 cup Amy's lentil soup, mixed veggies, and english muffin sandwich that included spinach, provolone cheese and tomato. I broiled this for about 10 minutes until the cheese was melted.

The sandwich was soooo good! Loved it! I skipped out on breakfast this morning (I know bad bad!) so I thought I should eat a good lunch! I have a hair appoinment at 1:00. Im thinking I might go back to blonde (right now its light brown). I also need a cut badly! Hasn't been cut for a long time! After the hair I need to pick up my contacts that I ordered in and then do some homework! I'm going to my friend Jen's place tonight for some drinks and Wii playing! Should be a good time! I also might go shopping to see if I can find a new outfit! Anyways hope you all have a great Friday and an even greater weekend! Ttyl!

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  1. Amy's soup is such a good quick meal!! The lentil is good, but my favorite is the tomato. Hope you have fun tonight!!