Thursday, March 11, 2010


Don't you hate when you get to work and immediately there's something wrong? Yep, happened to me this morning. We usually have at least 6 nurses working and today we were running on 4! And 1 was busy with conferences for the most part of the day! Oh well, we just did the best we could! Just very, very tired at the end of 12 hours! At least it was overtime. And I'm so smart that I picked up another overtime shift for Saturday! Well, I need to save money for a house somehow!

Well today's foods were pretty good. I packed my lunch last night so I didn't have to buy a single thing at work. The cafeteria food is so unhealthy and gross! Today they were serving fried everything, some hot dog thing, and a not-so-healthy stir fry! I do like the salad bar though but they never have decent dressings!

When I woke up this morning I was very, very hungry so I dug into my breakfast cookie (I decided to not post pics of this anymore until I get new, not green, protein powder)! I also had a cup of coffee sweetened with agave nectar and almond milk. I made some in a to go cup as well to drink during shift report. On my first coffee break at 8:30 I had half an orange! Lunch was at 11 so I had my peanut butter sandwich (which I turned into a PB and banana sandwich! Best things ever!! :)
Oh! I only had half of this banana because I used the rest in my breakfast cookie last night!

Next up for lunch was plain yogurt with, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries (some berries were fresh and some were frozen)!

Last minute decision was to use up the rest of my strawberries so they were in there too just unpictured!

Around 2 was my next coffee break where I had an apple and a Kashi bar! This was perfect to get me straight through til supper break!

Supper was leftovers! My spaghetti with vegetarian bolognese and turkey meatballs! A leftover whole-wheat bun and a spinach salad (with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, peas, and really I cant remember if there was anything else in there haha)! I topped the salad with some gross asian sesame dressing! Never having that again! I think it would've been good in a stir-fry or something but too sweet to put on raw veggies! Home time was 7:15 and I didn't leave any second later! They wanted me to stay til 11 but I feel like I would've died if I did that... and besides I wanted to go to the gym to watch Greys!!!

So I got to the gym around 7:30 ish and soooo busy! I wanted to use the tready but they were all filled so I snapped up the last eliptical! I only had enough energy for 3 miles today so I just took it easy but I'm hoping tomorrow morning I can run for at least 5! If I go to the gym around 9 I can have the choice of any equipment I want thank god!! And as I'm writing this blog I'm having a lovely little snack:

Mmmmm! Half a banana (I used the other half to make tomorrows breakfast cookie) and a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar! I really can't believe how small that thing is but oh well it still hit the spot! I had been craving something sweet so bad (probably cause my roommate made cookies)! And now I'm going to go to bed!! Have a goodnight everyone!

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  1. PB/nanner sandwiches are always my choice for meals on the go. Simple and delish! Those Kashi bars are one of the best things they make, by far. I've been known to eat the frosting off of them! Have a great day!