Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spingtime cleaning!

Hello! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Today was quite busy for me! I started the day off with a massive cup of coffee and a breakfast cookie!
This was delicious and gave me a lot of energy to head to the gym. I went with my roomie Ali (who is also a personal trainer). I started off on the eliptical and did about 1.5 miles. Then we noticed a spin class was starting so I interrupted my eliptical to try and get into that but it was all full (dammit!!). So I decided I'd go on the tready instead. I did about 2.75 miles on the treadmill by swithing from running and walking on an incline. It was a great workout. Then Ali showed me some moves to do for my arms and abs. I think my arms will be pretty sore tomorrow but I'm happy she was there to show me some strength training! Next up I headed home to enjoy a delicious green monster. I mixed 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup almond milk, some water, 1/2 cup field berries and a couple handfuls of spinach. I realized I forgot to take a picture when I was basically already finished it.

After my smoothie I started the crazy adventure of cleaning my room! It's never been cleaner after about 4 hours of non-stop cleaning! I have soooooo many clothes that I just throw in the closet! But now my closet is all organized and so are my dresser drawers. Found clothes I forgot about too!! After the springtime cleaning episode I headed to my rents to pick out some new kitchen tile (fun fun!). My mom really wanted me to help her but it was a unanimous decision as to which tile is the winner! I also helped my younger brother to apply for some summer jobs at the hospital I work at. I hope he gets some call backs! I also had quite a few snacks since I kind of forgot about lunch during my crazy cleaning!

5 piece dried fruit mix

Yogurt covered raisins with some sierra mountain trail mix!

I also had a banana in between these amazing snacks!

After visiting with my fam I came home to make supper! I had worked up quite the appetite all day!

Haddock with fiber one coating, butternut squash, kale chips, and roasted asparagus!
Butternut close-up!

After dinner I caught up on some anatomy (fun fun!!). I decided to make some of my fav tea to keep me in the studying mode!

Best green tea ever I would have to say!!

Strawberries, banana, blueberries, plain yogurt, choc chips and some honey!!
This was also demolished during studying! Got me through the homework very well! Now I'm watching My Best Friend's Wedding and going to head to bed soon. I'm working again tomorrow but unfortunately it isn't overtime :(!! Anyways goodnight!! Have a wonderful monday!!


  1. i'm hoping i catch the springtime cleaning room needs it!

  2. Ugh, it's been far too long since I cleaned my room, I need to follow your example! The squash with dinner looks tasty, I love it with ketchup too!