Monday, March 8, 2010

Who needs sleep anyways?

Hello hello! Today was quite the day! I got off work at 7:15 went home and crawled into bed. I wasn't tired though so luckily my friend (who had just worked a night shift as well) called me to go for breakfast. I wasn't hungry so I passed the offer up but did propose a new one: Let's go to the gym! Yep we are crazy! I'm sure that's the last thing anyone would want to do after working nights but I was feeling adventurous! I did about 3 miles on the eliptical and then 1 mile on the treadmill. I think I could've gone more because: 1) I was feeling very energized and 2) My fav show was on- Cold Case Files! But I knew that they would play the same episode at 3 so I didn't want to push myself too hard. Ended the gym with stretching and went home. I came home to a mound of dishes and really wanted a protein smoothie. I hmmmd and hawwwd for about 20 minutes til I finally decided just do all the dishes and get it out of the way! After dishes (which seemed like a lifetime) I made the smoothie!

I wanted to get a little creative with the pic and thought that vase would look nice beside it :). The shake had 1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup field berries, bunch of spinach, 1/2 cup skim milk and some water. Oh and some ice. My blender seems to really suck and it took a while to mix this all together. Definetely need one of these Vita-Mixers I'm constantly reading about! It made more than what filled the glass in the pic so I put the rest in a container and froze it. Not sure if that will really work but can't hurt to try right? Around 11:30 I was feeling almost dead so I decided I should at least have a nap. I woke up around 2 feeling a bit better. I made an almond butter and banana sandwich on multigrain bread!

Definetely hit the spot!! I only used half a banana so I put the other half in the fridge for later. I love bananas I basically eat them like candy! Oh I forgot I slightly toasted the bread so it was a bit warm so the almond butter would be easier to spread! Mmmmmm good!! After this I had enough energy to go shopping! I went to Winners/Home Sense and found nothing there. Just met some strange girl that kept asking me about tea and complimenting my eyes (it was flattering but a tad on the creepy side)!! Next up I went to Costco. Oooo Costco how I've missed you. I decided it'd be a good idea not to bring a cart or I'd load it up and be $100 poorer after I left. I found some good buys though: 1) Organic quinoa! I've never tried this but really want to and it was on sale so I have no excuse! 2) The Eat Clean Diet Recharged book!! It was only $12.99!! Obviously had to get that! 3) Stacy's Pita Chips! I love this things! This was a  ginormous bag for only $5.79 so it should last me quite a while! Left Costco with spending just under $30! Woooo saved about $70 today so far!! After Costco I went to the mall. Not a really good mall with clothing stores and what not. Just a Safeway, Shoppers, Zellers and some other little stores. One of these little stores is gonna be a new fav! Called Steeped About Tea!! I picked up a Chai tea sampler (which I had with dinner) and my favourite Higgins and Burke green tea! I'm definetely going to go back though (I was in a rush because they were closing soon)!! After this I made my way to Shoppers! Picked up some Amy's burritos that were half price!! I've never tried them before but for half price why not?! Next on my list was to go to Safeway and pick up some ingredients for Tzaitki (no clue if that's the right spelling and sorry to lazy to look it up :) ). I found all the ingredients and of course some extras! Kraft's natural peanut butter was BOGO so that was meant to be! And I picked up some apples cause I'm running low on fruit (as usual!). I was exhausted by this time and it was already 6:30! My tummy was growling so I went home to feed it! I made some sweet potato rounds with ketchup, spinach salad with low-calorie zesty italian dressing and one of the Amy's burritos topped with some organic salsa:

Well I'm in love with these burritos!! They taste like they're soooo bad for you but they aren't! I love when that happens! Also, I've never sliced up my sweet potatos into rounds before but really I was too lazy to cut em into fries. I left the skin on for the first time (read in Oxygen magazine this month that the skin's got the fiber) and they were great! I followed up the dinner with my leftover half a banana! Wow I'm stuffed!!

Now I saved the best for last! On my little adventure at Safeway I found these great little serving bowls! For only $3 something!

They have matching mugs too that I think I'm going to go buy tomorrow! They're soo pretty! Tomorrow when I make the Tzaitki I'll put it in one of those :)!! Now I've nevered made yogurt cheese before and that's what this recipe calls for. I had to put 2 cups plain yogurt into a sieve (which I don't have so I'm using a strainer) covered with damp cheesecloth. You put the strainer over a large bowl and cover the top with a plate. Put this in the fridge overnight and when you wake up all the watery stuff is supposed to drain out. I'm not sure if this is going to work since I didn't have a sieve but it's worth a try! I'll let you know tomorrow how this experiment turns out! My roommate will probably wonder what the heck I'm doing but oh well!!

Anyways, I'm gonna read my new purchase for a bit and then I better get to sleep! Have a goodnight all!!

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  1. HEY LOVE!!
    thanks soo much for your sweet comment! i LOVE your dinner!! burrito+sweet tater fries is the bomb combo. i love your bowls! i need some new ones!