Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday

Hey there! Ugh I hate Mondays!! I only have to work 2 a month but they really suck! So I started the day off with a nice cup of Joe!!

This was taken around 6 am (waaaayyy too early for moi!!)

The morning went pretty good! We were fully staffed! Woooooohooooo haha! For my first coffee break I had my breakfast:

Strawberries, blueberries, plain yogurt and I topped it off with some granola!

For lunch I had a PB and banana sandwich, massive delish salad and an apple!

I ate the Kashi bar on my second coffee break!

Mmmmm salad!! I topped this with the last of my light zesty italian dressing

This was the fruit I consumed throughout the day. The kiwi was with supper!!

For super I had my leftover butternut squash but as with any manic monday I forgot my fish! So I bought some crappy salad from the cafeteria! It had iceberg lettuce, radishes, cheddar cheese, an egg, some cucumbers and some tomatoes. It was ok but I hate buying stuff from our cafeteria!!

I'm now at home watching the Red Wings and Flames game (cheering for the Wings) and having a few Stacy's pita chips with my homemade tzaitki! I'm dreading tomorrow because my boss has her heart set on me going to some stupid training thing. She's even calling people in on overtime so I can go! Ugh!! Oh well at least I can sit in a class all day and get paid! I just don't know what I'm going to do for lunch. I can't really bring a lunch cause I'm sure they won't have fridges! I did scope it out though and I think I might get Subway! Anyways, I'm off to do some homework and then head to bed! Have a goodnight all!!

P.S. Can someone please remind me to quickly tidy up my room before I leave for work! The landlord is checking everyone's building for pets (which we don't have unfortunately) but I don't want any underwear hanging out by accident lol!!


  1. i haven't tried that kashi bar yet, iw ant to! lol hope you remember to tidy up your room...i could use a reminder as well, although the GIANT mess is a reminder in and of itself

  2. Mm, mondays. well at least gossip girl is on! hahah
    love the fresh fruit...can't wait for summer so there is even more and more variety!

  3. I love that your kashi bars are written in French and English! Don't forget to clean your room, if you haven't left for work yet!!