Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So today was training day! Had to learn about some computer system that we input patient's assessments and information into! It was the most boring day of my entire life!! I had to go to the nursing unit from 6:45 til 8 (which I think was pretty pointless) and then go to this training thing from 8:30 to 4:30. It was useful information but it shouldn't take 8 hours (at the max maybe 2). I thought I was going to fall asleep! Thank god Tim Horton's was right beside the place so I could load up on coffee!! After training I had to go back to the nursing unit again from 4:30 to 7:15. Which, again, was very pointless since all of the work is basically done by then! Oh well better than me having to go back for 4 hours another day!

I didn't take any pics today since I was basically running around the whole morning trying to get ready. I did manage to clean (aka throw my stuff in the closet and get the door closed) so the landlord can come in to see if we have any pets hanging around! I had a cup of coffee while getting ready and then brought some to chug during report! Then I ate my breakfast cookie while feeding patients this am (yep, I'm an excellent multitasker)! For my first coffee break I had a banana. And then for lunch I got a wonderful sub from Subway.
Oven roasted chicken sub! Mine was a bit different then the pic. It had spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, mustard and italian dressing on a 9-grain wheat bun.

Mmmmmm sooooo wonderful!! I also had an apple with this. Lunch ended about 12:30 and I was basically sitting in this class counting down the minutes until the second coffee break (I seriously needed some caffeine!!) Then at 3:00 the trainer asks if we really want a break. Inside I was screaming YEESSS!!! But this lady pipes up and says no we don't need one let's just keep going. I was almost ready to cry! I couldn't handle one more second of this class! Then I remembered I had another apple in my purse so that kept me occupied for about 15 minutes! I also started texting friends underneath the table and next thing I knew it was finally over!!! Yay!!! What a waste of my 8 hours! I would way rather be working on the floor! Anyways, after that I headed to Mr.Sub (only cause I thought there was a pita pit in that spot) and got a wrap for my supper break. I got back to work at 4:30 and went for supper at 5:00 (like I said, sooo pointless for me being there but whatever). I had my wrap and then a rice krispie square! I'm too lazy to find a nice pic of a wrap but you guys can use your wonderful imaginations about how good this was: whole wheat wrap, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, green olives, mushrooms, mustard and italian!!! But I do have to say this was good but Subway is just a thousand times better!!

After work I headed to the gym. It was a toss up between washing my car or running and for some odd reason I chose running. I guess I'll wash my car tomorrow since I can't even see out of it. But that's a good sign cause it means everythings melting and pretty soon we will get to see this outside!!

I thought about these the whole time at the gym!

I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill and then came home to a nice hot bath. Now Im watching Law and Order: SVU!! Oh and my Flyers lost a shootout...fml!!! Oh well could be worse! At least they still get 1 point for the loss! Im off to finish up my blog reading and watching this show! Goodnight!


  1. that sounds awful! i hate training stuff like that. darn that lady who voted not to have a break, there's always gotta be one of those people in every group who just ruins it for everyone else lol! yum apple + sandwich = great combo

  2. Aw, sorry your day wasn't too good! Subway is one of the greatest places in a pinch- their bread is so good! Have a great day!