Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day number uno!!

So this is my first ever blog! How exciting!! First off my name's Megan and I very recently discovered blogging and clean eating! My love of hockey has always been there so I thought that's a must for me to add in! I am a nurse currently working a night shift (uggghh!!) so thought it'd be a great time to start!

First of all I had a very interesting day today! I had a final at 2:15 (for a perioperative nursing course I'm taking) and my dad called saying my little dog Nixon had got out of the house. I needed to go over there immediately! One problem though: My hair was still wet, hadn't brushed my teeth and noooooo makeup!! Uh oh! Oh well! I just threw my hair up in a pony, slapped on some makeup and brushed those gems! I was out the door in 15 minutes flat!! Soo I drove the street (I only live about 5 minutes from my rents) and saw little Nixon running down the road! I pulled the car over called him and he came running happy as can be! How could I be mad at such an adorable little guy??!! Take a look for yourself!

Anyways thank god I found him and could be on my way to my dreaded final!! Probably should've studied for a little bit longer but Ive been so wrapped up in reading everyones blogs and finding new clean recipes that I just couldnt study!! But all in all the final went well and I was very happy with the mark!

Next on my list to talk about is the #1 love of my life (dah dah dah dah- drumroll please....) THE PHILADELPHIA FLYERS!!!! I cannot remember the time I did not like them probably since I was in the womb!! But...unfortunately they lost tonight :(! But it was in overtime so they still get one whole point which is very useful in the eastern conference right now!

So now about my clean eating day! Sorry I have no pictures but promise I will post pictures very, very soon! For breakfast (which wasnt til around 11:30 since I'm working nights and needed to sleep in a bit) I had 4 egg whites, chopped spinach and some diced roma tomatoes all scrambled up!! I was feeling a bit daring so I added Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning to them! Then on the side I had a piece of Dempsters Healthy way toast! This bread is pretty much a miracle! 110 cals a slice, 6 g of fiber and 9 g of protein! Like holy guacomole is is good!! I had the toast dry and piled on the scrambled goodness! Oh and I cant forget I added ketchup which I usually add to everything!

For my mid-afternoon refuel I was planning on having a green monster smoothie until my dog decided to be a monster himself and ran away! Instead I had a huuuuuggggeee banana and some honeydew I found in my parents fridge! Forgot how good honeydew was!! After my final I went to get some good ol groceries and stumbled upon some Kashi chewy granola bars! I could barely decide what flavour to buy but finally went with the Dark Chocolate Cherry! I basically ripped right into one of these as soon as I got in the car and fell in love!! This held me over til supper time!!

Supper time was delish!! I made some Chicken stir-fry the day before and froze most of it but kept a dish for tonights supper. Soooooo good and sooooo lean!! I put a chicken breast (diced it into bite size pieces) and added every vegetable I could find! You name it it was basically in it! Also put in some low-sodium soya sauce and extra-v olive oil! This serving had about 2 cups of veggies! I was very full after but fueled to work my a** off!!

On my break at work I needed a little energy upper so I had a hard boiled egg and half a banana! There were a lot of sweets at work I was craving so instead I dove into the orange I packed along! Later on around 1 am I had some sliced strawberries and kiwi mixed with half cup fat free plain yogurt (sooooo good)!! I also attempted to tell my friend of this amazing new lifestyle Ive been living (by eating every healthy thing in sight)... she wasnt really having it though : ( oh well Ill get her someday haha! Around 3 I broke out the veggies I brought along with my new purchase of roasted red pepper hummus. I decided Im not a fan of hummus at all... something about the texture (I know Im weird) but hey I tried it! I just ate the veggies plain : ( they were probably so sad not to have a dipper! I have one thing left in my lunch and its one of my favs!! Kashi bar! I'll save that for around 6 am! PS I work until 7:15 am!! Ughh what a bummer! Oh well need money to save for downpayment!

Well stay tuned! I'll post more tomorrow (hopefully with some pics)! I think this first blog was a success and cant wait to write more! Goodnight all! Or I guess goodmorning in most cases!!

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