Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glorious Finds!

Hey there! So I'm pretty excited about a couple new purchases! This evening I went to Wally world where I bought some fruit and veggies, found sandwich thins (been looking everywhere for these, and they were the last whole wheat package) and got some canned beans and lentils. Then the exciting part! I went to Winners/Home Sense and found this:

Cutest ever "Not a Paper Cup" mug
And Chocolate Raspberry coffee!

So ya, it is a bit weird that I'm so excited about this combo. But I have been eyeing these mugs for months and they're all over 20 bucks! This one was $7.99!!! How could I not buy it! And obviously if I'm buying a mug I need some cool coffee to go in it. I made a cup of this when I got home and it is sooooooo good! Tastes like a chocolate bar. Love it :)

While drinking coffee I did some more blog reading (yep I think I'm officially addicted) and munched on these:

Carrot sticks, cucumbers, yellow bell peppers, sugar snap peas (hiding at the bottom) and some grape tomatoes! Had it with 1 Tbsp low-cal peppercorn ranch!

Anyways, I just wanted to share my exciting Wednesday night! Now I'm off to do some homework!


  1. Chocolate raspberry coffee sounds super yummy and decadent!! I love crudites, too :) Have a great Thursday!