Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hello there! This is gonna be a short blog because I am exhausted tonight! I worked an overtime 12 hour shift. It wasn't too too busy but I'm sooo sore! I had to get a needle on Thursday so my arm's pretty sore from that and my legs are sore from the gym and my back is sore from work! I'm just a mess lol!

I didn't take any pics of my food today because it was all leftovers. For breakfast I had a breakfast cookie and on my first coffee break I had a plum. Then for lunch I had my leftover chicken fratzilaki (from last nights dinner) and some roasted broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. I also had an apple and some dried banana chips. Then the tempting part of the day came! A girl I work with just passed her RN national test and wanted to celebrate by bringing in about 3 dozen doughnuts for the staff! I resisted temptation all morning and most of the afternoon until I eventually gave in! I had the double chocolate (my favourite except for the maple ones). I was trying not to have one so that eventually when I went to have one they would be all gone. That plan didn't work lol. Then for supper she ordered pizza for everyone. My willpower did work this time though because I settled for my pizza I brought from home. Leftover from Wednesday night (I think). I felt better with this choice because it had a whole wheat crust and was generally just much, much healthier than that Pizza Pizza crap! I also had a kiwi with this. Throughout the day I was really tired (didn't get much sleep last night) so I loaded myself up with tea and coffee. Coffee in the morning and during shift report and then I had Chai Spice tea with my morning coffee. Then at lunch I had Green tea mango acai and at the second coffee break I had Green spice chai tea. I also had plenty of water throughout the day.

When I got home from work I caught up on my blog reading and had an inspiration for some banana soft serve. I've never made it but I put some sliced bananas in the freezer the other day for this very moment. Sooooo wonderfully delicious! I topped mine with chia seeds and some organic chocolate chips!

I can't believe how much soft serve 2 bananas made! Never eating ice cream again!! Anyways Im heading to watch some TV and hopefully fall asleep! Goodnight!


  1. sometimes we just need a doughnut, no shame!! mmm i still haven't ever had banana soft serve bc i odn't think my little food processor could handle it!

  2. It's soo good you have to try it! And actually I don't have a food processor I used my blender! I just kept pulsing it (the button for ice crushing) and it worked no problem!

  3. Banana soft serve is the best! And it's totally ok to indulge in a donut every once in awhile! I'll bet it was absolutely worth it :)

  4. Hey, I really like your blog...The soft serve looks awesome! I'm totally trying it.