Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey ladies! TGIF!! But maybe not cause I'll be super busy this weekend! Tomorrow I'm meeting with my realtor and then I'll be working on an assignment all afternoon (and maybe night if we can't get it finished). Then on Sunday I'll be watching the Flyers last regular season game. Thank god Mat has NHL center ice because the game isn't on regular TV. I'll also be studying like a mad woman during free time for Anatomy. So, I left off yesterday after lunch I believe. Well, before supper I made myself an awesome snack.
100 calorie popcorn pack with 1 Tbsp organic chocolate chips and sprinkling of maple flakes.

That was delicious. And now I don't have an excuse to have gross popcorn at the movie. I putzed around a while until supper time. I got a great idea from Gabriela's blog to have a veggie burger in a wrap. I also had some sweet potato fries.

Sweet potato fries with Heinz organic ketchup for dippage

100% whole grain wrap with Gardenburger, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers and mushrooms drizzled with fat-free peppercorn ranch dressing

Thanks for the awesome idea Gabriela! I had a couple hours before the movie so I studied (aka watched Criminal Minds). The movie we went to was Clash of the Titans. It was really good. I love 3D movies! I always feel like I'm going to get hit with something and probably look pretty dumb but oh well lol! I sipped a Diet Coke but again, only finished maybe half. I don't even know why I get pop anymore. I never finish them! Mat got Diet Coke and some popcorn with salt n' vinegar seasoning. He put so much seasoning on that at one point I was breathing it in lol. But then some girl stepped on his popcorn. He was pretty sad. I got home around midnight and went straight to bed. I had a lot of studying to do in the morning!

I woke up bright and early at 8:25 AM! 5 minutes before my alarm was going to go off. This only happened because Mat texted me saying "Get studying"! Yes, I was angry that I got woken up 5 whole minutes early!! But I quickly got over it because I thought it was a cute text haha! Anyways, I wasn't hungry when I woke up so I didn't eat til 11:00.

Yep, you guessed it! That's baked banana oatmeal (last piece : ( ) and strawberries, pineapple, kiwi and blackberries

I also had 2 massive cups of coffee with almond milk. I studied the rest of the morning and then went to write my test. I did pretty good so I'm quite relieved!! I then headed to get my taxes done and pick up a prescription. I also found some awesome things at Shoppers that I included in this snack:

Apple with cinnamon, sugar snap peas and baby carrots. The awesome finds were Life Creme eggs on sale and sugar-free Campino candies.

I had a major sweet tooth this afternoon so I thought these little find would curve it. Sure did work!! I ate the fruit and veggies first and followed it with the little creme egg (I absolutely love these things)! Then I ate the 2 campinos very slowly. I just finished the last one. This will definetely hold me over for a while and it's already 5:00! Guess I'll be eating around 7.

So the Flyers also play tonight vs. New York Rangers. That's who they play Sunday too. They have to win at least 1 game to make it to the playoffs. If they win both they can pass a couple teams in the standings (which I'm really hoping for)! I just don't want them to have to play Pittsburgh first round of the playoffs! Anyways, games in 5 minutes so I need to go put some sweats on and get the comp set up to watch the game. Have a great Friday night everyone!!


  1. Glad you liked the veggie burger wrap idea!! So good :) And I'm loving the looks of that baked oatmeal, especially with the berries...yum :) Hope you're enjoying the game!!

  2. I love that you have popcorn on this post! You know it's my fave, I post about it all the in fact. yum:) I doctor it up with all kinds of toppings and seasonings!

  3. hey megan! just came across your blog, and am loving reading it :)
    the baked oatmeal sounds SO delicious! do you have a recipe?

  4. Hoooly yum I love baked oatmeal, especially with ANY type of fruits - the berries look amazing! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Hey Meg's Gut!! I got the recipe from Kath's blog at You definetely need to try it out! It's the best thing ever!