Sunday, April 11, 2010

Victory Is Ours!!

Great, great, great news!!!! Philly won in a shootout! Yep, that was probably the most stressful moment of my life haha! First New York scored in the first period. Philly hit the post 4 or 5 times and finally scored 1 in the last period. It was tied 1-1. Went into overtime and no score, so it went into a shootout. God, I absolutely hate shoot outs! They are sooooo nerve racking! I didn't watch any of the Rangers shoot just because I couldn't handle it haha. Mat even muted the TV so I wouldn't have to hear it. He let me know though if it was good or bad. And, yes it was extremely good! Philly won which means they'll be playing the New Jersey Devils in the first round of the playoffs!! I think it's a pretty good matchup. And I feel it's a team that the Flyers can beat!! The playoffs start on Wednesday. I'm still not sure if Philly starts that day but I really hope so!! I love the playoffs!

Anyways, before I went over to watch the game I picked up some beer. First attempt was a fail because I forgot my ID. Of course the lady asked for it so I had to run home and grab it. I considered just going to a store closer to Mat's place since gametime was only 20 minutes away. But then I thought, "No! The cashier will think I was underage and be thinking she busted me the entire day"! So I went back and bought the beer. She must've been surprised to see I was 24. She actually looked kinda angry about it. But whatever, I look young, too bad!! I bought Bud Light Lime for me and Guiness for Mat. I had a few of these to calm my nerves during the game. We also watched the New Jersey Devils and Buffalo Sabres game. The winner of that would be the one to play Philly. Of course New Jersey won. After all that hockey I was starving so I went home to make some dinner.
Amy's burrito topped with O Organics salsa, steamed brussel sprouts and baby carrots, sweet potato rounds and Heinz Organic Ketchup for dippage.

That was definetely a supper for champions!! After supper I took a long, hot bath and then finished up the group assignment thats due tonight. I also made tomorrow's lunch for work tomorrow. And, as I am typing I am eating a pack of Reese's snackster 100 calorie pack. Love these little things. But I'm gonna head to bed now since I gotta work sooooo early! Have a great night!

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  1. Haha, that's funny about the beer! I'm not 21 and I've never been carded buying in NYC...of course, now I've probably jinxed it!

    Congrats on the Flyers win!! My brother actually went to the game last night :)