Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slloooowwww moving!

Hey fellow bloggies!!! Today has been really sllloooowww moving! Probably because last night was a blast!! Mat and I went to Beer Bros. The place had soooooo many different beer from all over the world. The first one I ordered was Wild Rose Velvet Fog from Calgary, AB. It was pretty good. I ordered it because the name was sooo pretty haha! Mat got some Double Chocolate Stout that looked waaaayyy too dark for me to even try. He likes his beer dark!! The next one I ordered was the Apricot Wheat. I forget where it came from but wow it was awesome! It kind of tasted like a beer with a cooler dumped in. Sounds gross, I know! But really it was awesome! Our waiter poured it in the glass, had me sip it and then poored the last ounce or so left in the bottle. Then he made me try it again and wow! The flavours were really brought out after he poured the last bit in! I forget what Mat ordered next. The bartender kept suggesting really dark ones for him because they both had the same beer taste. And they were both from Newfie so it was pretty much love at first sight between them haha! Anyways, next beer I had was the Tankhouse Ale. It's an amber red beer that had the flavours of honey, citrus, coffee and CHOCOLATE! Obviously had I had to order this one. Who wouldn't want chocolate flavoured beer (except Mat's earlier one though that was super dark). Not gonna lie, I was kinda tipsy by now haha. We went to the casino where I lost 5 bucks. That's all I'll spend at that money hogging place! I never win so I don't know why I even bother. Mat lost like 40 because we're really bad at pressing the spin button. I got home around 1 and immediately went to bed!!

Wake up call came at 8:30. I got up and just lazed around the apartment for a while. I wanted to go to the Spin and weights class at 9:30 but that just wasn't gonna happen! Instead I had some breakfast!
Baked banana oatmeal and ginormous amount of fruit!

Sorry about my breakfasts being the exact same every day this morning but this stuff is seriously good!! I only have 1 more piece left until I have to settle for a different breakfast (or maybe I'll make this again cause Im not sure I can live without it)! After breakfast I finally dragged myself to get ready and get out the door. First I had to pick up my contacts from the optometrists. The ones I've been wearing feels like they're scratching my eyes out! Then I headed to shoppers to pick up some organic canned corn, new Clean Eating mag, Lotto Max ticket (estimated $25 million which I'll obviously be winning tomorrow) and some acne stuff. I don't know why but I've been have some serious breakout issues. I used to have perfectly clear skin and now it's trying to be crazy. I ordered Proactiv and apparently I'm allergic to that stuff (just great) so I picked up some on the spot acne treatment. I'm taking a huge risk here because I'm probably allergic to that too but I think a rash is better than some gross acne because a rash comes with a good reason. I could be overexaggerating here cause it isn't really that bad. And I can use cover up so you barely notice it. But it still really bugs me! Anyways after that adventure I finally headed to the gym. It was like 11! Only 1.5 hours late! I did 60 minutes on the eliptical. I burned like 600 calories so I'm pretty proud of myself. I also texted almost the entire time. It goes by so much faster when you can text people. I'll be doing this from now on!!

After the gym I came home to this lovely lunch!

5 egg white scramble with black beans, corn, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms drizzled with Heinz organic ketchup. Side of steamed baby carrots (That one isn't so babyish though)!

This was great! First time having black beans in my egg scramble but I love the added fiber and protein the beans provide. After lunch I read my Clean Eating mag and found quite a few recipes I'd love to try! Then I read some blogs and avoided studying at all costs. I really should be studying though. So to fuel my study session I had this huge bowl of fruit!
Blackberries, apple, pineapple and kiwi

I think I may be overloading on the fruit lately but I have so many and I don't want them to go to waste! So I'll keep enjoying my massive fruit bowls til they're sadly all gone! Tonight I'm going to Clash of the Titans movie with Mat, Kelly and Jen. Jen and I have been friends forever it seems. Her and Kelly are married and Mat works with Jen. Here's Jen and I on her wedding day
Jen looking absolutely gorgeous and me her bridesmaid!

Her wedding was actually where Mat and I met but it wan't until recently we started hanging out. Tonight should be fun except I'm not really sure about this movie. I hope its good. It's in 3D though so how could it be bad? Right? Anyways, I seriously better get studying. Have a great day all!!


  1. Hey! I love following your blog and even MORE now that I know you're Canadian! I'm from Toronto, whereabouts are you from?

  2. Im from good old Saskatchewan lol!!! It's awesome here!

  3. You look gorgeous in that photo!! The beer tasting sounds fun, I must say i love my beer really dark!! Hope you have fun at the movie tonight!!

  4. You're so gorgeous, girl!
    Glad you had a goodnight, and I certainly don't blame you for having that breakfast every day! If it "ain't broke don't fix it," right?! That's my motto - of course, I also have oatmeal for breakfast on a daily basis, too :P
    That fruit looks so delicious, I think I need to go get myself a bowl now! I love how fresh everything is getting lately.

  5. Sorry for getting back to you so late - the PB I bought from the PB company was: mighty maple, and the cinnamon raisin. I also bought some small packets of Bees Knees. I can't wait to try them!!

    Thanks for your comments!